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3D Art Facilitator

I have much experience in working within an educational context, remaining sympathetic to the school timetables and prior commitments. I am always flexible, and can adapt very easily to unforeseen circumstances. 

I have a West Sussex County Council current CRB certificate at enhanced level. 

I work with small groups of children, taking them out of the classroom for up to an hour at once. I have experience of working with children aged 3 to 11yrs, and have a 14year old son too.

Creative projects I have run included:

Children's Parade/carnival workshops – costume making and willow/tissue paper lanterns

Working within the syllabus themes: Tudor peg dolls, Willow and tissue paper Fire & Ice Dragons, Dinosaur masks, Medieval Crowns, Drawings in wire, Willow and tissue paper Solar System, Clay modeling, Printing and mark making with pre-writers, Junk modeling, Mobiles – various

Projects can run over a period of weeks or a term or just a one off ‘Art Day'.

I am willing to source all materials required for projects and am very used to working to tight budgets. An average project could cost well under a £1 a head, but most are in the region of £2 to £3.

Children can work on individual pieces or work as a team to create one big piece. I enjoy using outside spaces to work in! Working creatively helps children in so many different ways socially, physically, and mentally. 

I encourage children to stretch their comfort zone, just because something is new to them or difficult doesn't mean it can't be done, with help and encouragement.

Learning skills involve listening, seeing, dexterity and working as a team. I am very happy to demonstrate to group leaders wanting to expand their skill set. For example Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Youth Leaders.

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