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My Work

About my work

Many things have inspired my work; I am forever battling with weighing up between saleability, practicality and something being aesthetically right. When something fits up to these criteria it is very pleasing.


I gain ideas from looking at the world in which I live, surrounded by natural forms: the South Downs, The Sussex Coast and man made creations such as architecture and interior design. My inspiration is subtly influential on my work - viewed as a body; I hope the jewellery reflects it. I believe that the intention of jewellery is to enhance the wearer rather than the reverse.

I use sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold and semi-precious stones such as garnets, amethysts, tourmalines, moonstones and labradorites. All designs can be made using gold and different stones, within artistic boundaries.

I use various techniques in my work but I do favour a technique called roller texturing. This gives the metal an air of subtlety; it enriches the surface without taking away anything from the over all form. For the texturing I use lots of materials such as handmade paper, bonsai leaves and woven fabrics, each of which transfers to the metal its own character.


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